Top NFT Games To Earn Money

With Play to Earn, the gaming industry on DeFi platforms continues to evolve very quickly and turns the familiar world of traditional finance on its head. Previously, the main tools for earning money in cryptocurrencies were trading and investing, but today you can get rewarded in digital assets for completing tasks in an online game.

Axie Infinity

Developed by the Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity perhaps it is the most popular game in this list, if you ever looked for games to earn some cash it is probable you found this game on the rankings of other websites.

The game is so popular that has become one of the most expensive NFT collection, the way you can earn cash by playing is in the battles of creature named Axie, which you can breed or buy, during the game and if you are good you will be earning SLP or Smooth Love Potion a token that you can exchange for other crypto and ultimately for money.

The game is really fun and it needs good strategy to become a great player, you’ll need to have in mind the different types of axies there are, the combination of these and more. If you think on a fun game to win some money Axie Infinity is a good option.


The CryptoKitties experiment was a milestone for blockchain gaming. Although all tokens are fungible, ERC-721 tokens can be unique using a few lines of code. In fact, that’s what makes them so popular among cryptocurrency fanatics. For example, you can breed your own kittens and create a rare offspring.

Some players may not have been financially successful, but CryptoKitties have proven their worth in non-fungible token games. They make collectibles more exciting because users know their kitties will be unique. Given the success of CryptoKitties, many hope it will inspire future developers to create more tokens of this type.

Chibi Fighters

This is a 2D fighting game that focuses on characters based on different cryptocurrencies. It allows you to take your favorite currency and turn it into a playable character with unique abilities.

In Chibi Fighters, you win by attacking your opponent until their health reaches zero. However, if a coin drops, its value increases. As a result, Chibi Fighters puts your strategic mind to work. For example, are you attacking an enemy’s sweet spot to cause maximum damage? Are you trying to weaken coins without breaking them?

This type of participation is not only fun. It gets players thinking about how they approach cryptocurrency as an investment. It also helps introduce NFT to non-cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition, Chibi Fighters combines two things that many players love, cute animals and competition. While other games have used animals as tokens or symbols, none have used real animals as fighters. So this offers a unique experience from a gameplay standpoint and from a brand identity standpoint.


As news about the Metaverse began to spread, people started looking for new NFT projects that could grow along with it. This is where Decentraland comes in, just like The Sandbox Game, it experienced a rapid rise in popularity when the Metaverse hype hit the mainstream media.

It features a completely digital world where you can create your own avatar, play different games, build, explore and create. It’s somewhat similar to the way Fortnite Islands works, where you can join different worlds and explore them.


This decentralized application allows users to collect, buy and sell virtual cards based on celebrities. Each CryptoCelebs the role represents a unique digital asset that you can own. However, you need ETH to play. Some users have sold their cards for over $100,000 each. Plus, it’s like Pokémon Go, but better because all your transactions are conducted on Ethereum’s public ledger. Therefore, they cut out the middlemen.

Finally, it’s an excellent example of how NFTs could enable consumers to connect with brands like never before. As interest in cryptocurrencies grows, so does CryptoCelebrities’ ownership. As a result, it regularly ranks in the top ten apps on DappRadar, which tracks activity on active blockchain apps.

Monsta Infinite

The popularity of cash games has skyrocketed in recent months, which is understandable, as getting paid to play video games is a very attractive proposition.

Monsta Infinite is a game that aims to attract the attention of all these players who grew up playing Pokémon, thanks to its appearance and gameplay these digital monsters have caught the attention of many people, its community has grown enormously and many are eagerly awaiting its release.

Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots will soon completely replace humans in a wide range of activities. But, like any other technology, robots can fail. Others suffer from software defects that produce intelligent failures and irrational behavior. An unsecured charger connection could cause problems in the robots’ operating systems.

The largest robot dump in the country is located on the outskirts of a city. As the number of exiles increased, the robots began to form their own communities. The robots’ diverse skills allowed them to repair each other and create modest shelters. Until recently, scrap metal raided the metropolis in search of valuable parts or an extra can of METAL beer.

It is a project that for now does not have a solid launch date but is speculated to be for Q3 2022.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a project that aims to open a new environment for players in the blockchain ecosystem, they want to implement a social system where friends can get together to team up, fight against other people and win at the same time. Their game system may be reminiscent of the famous MOBAs and Battle Royale that have reigned over video games for years.

This game wants to guarantee its games and investors fun and profits, players can equip their “heroes” with a multitude of weapons and contrary to all games, the skins will have additional statistics for their owners.

Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farm is a project built on the Binance Smart Chain, its game mode is to literally be a farm where you can farm land and raise all kinds of animals, NFT land holders benefit the most when it comes to generating profit but in principle everyone should be able to earn money.

Instead of a play-to-win model, Wanaka Farm aims for a play-to-win model, where players cooperate and build a relaxed atmosphere in the game instead of competing against each other. By providing an immersive experience that should only get better with the advancement of AR/VR technology, Wanaka Farm wants to appeal to young women and men, primarily from Southeast Asia and South America, who are looking for a collaborative game with the potential for profit.

In Q1 2022, Wanaka Farms plans to launch an enhanced mobile version, with an augmented reality version planned for Q2 2022. The VR version and NFT chain interoperability are planned for the second half of 2022.

Block Monsters

Block Monsters is a similar to many in development that is inspired by Pokémon, although this one is more faithful to the original, it combines the Pokémon fighting style with the NFTs, the evolutions and play style are completely “the same” although this one being a P2E will generate earnings for you when you play it.

Fight and train, you can collect new NFTs from Blockmon in the Marketplace or catch them in the game. The Play to Earn feature in tokenomics allows players to earn $MNSTRS tokens for completing in-game events.

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