What is Networking?

Simply saying networking is the set of actions individuals take in order to grow their relationships, so that they can take advantage of those relationships for their businesses and/or jobs.

Most people are familiar with the idea that having good relationships with the right people can help, with their career goals.

But most people are ignoring the degree to which a bad or a good networking can affect their income. As some people might say “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate” and an important leverage to negotiate is who do you know i.e. networking.

Good relationships ultimately means opportunities and sources of investment, better clients, better job positions or salary improvement. During hard times, like the pandemic example, having good relationships could mean the success or failure of your business.

At the end networking is a shortcut to achieve your goals, through promoting yourself, Is a way of marketing. Taking into account all that has been said, so far, it is obvious to think that good networking will always lead to an increase in income.

By how much it would increase, that’s not an easy answer because it would depend on the quality if your contacts, how many contacts you have, how close is your relationship, etc.

In principle there is no limit to how much you can increase your income with good relationships in the market, but is true the otherwise a bad networking can cause that you cannot increase and even decrease your income.


For a good networking what is important is to be able to communicate, perhaps this is the most basic element when it comes to networking, but also the most important, you won’t achieve anything if you cannot communicate what you want.
Being able to communicate in a coherent and precise way, at the same time you are able to convince others to be interested in what you have to offer, is such an important skill and not only for networking, but for life itself.
For that you need to learn and understand many things, first being able to express the right words, this is only achievable if you know the words, their definitions and how to use them, i.e. you need to have a wide vocabulary, this can be acomplish through many ways like reading, listening podcasts, watching videos, and if you want to be more specif your content consumption should be related to the topics you are interested in communicate, although learning other topics can help too, to make you feel more comfortable and make you look more interesting to other people.
After knowing the basics, in other words being a good communicator, another important element that should be address when trying to do a good networking is to offer value to the people with whom you communicate, is like selling yourself, they need to know what you have to offer, what are your goals, how can you help them in fullfil their needs.
This does not means that you have to say everything about yourself, but at least what should happen is that when people think on you in their minds appear certain characteristics and attributes, that make you more desirable for a certain business or job, or vice versa when the opportunity comes you are the first person in their minds with desirable attributes.
For you to start to make a good networking, those two elements are priceless, being able to communicate and in addition to that communicate the value you can offer to the people.
From there any other element is a plus, that will make your networking even better, but that will fail if you don’t have these two basics.
Among some of tips that you can add are:
  • Keep in constant contact
  • Be active in social media (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Be on time for appointments
  • Understands what rules of courtesy to use and when
  • Always refine and improve your speech
  • Participate in the events that interest you and where there could be potential clients or people that you want get in touch with.
  • Create an strategy 
  • While imrpoving your networking, remember quality before quantity
  • Develop skills
  • Follow up on the new relationships at the same time you nurture the ones that are established

Roughly saying networking is personal branding strategy, and is really important if you want to achieve the goals in your career.

That’s why, you’ll always need to improve yourself and show the better version of you, develop social skills, know the people that you need to get in touch with, etc.


When we talk about types, we refer to ways of making networking, there are many approaches in which we can classify networking.

But to make it simple we can classify it in two, depending of how the contact with others is made

These are:

  • Online: Of course this is the one made in the internet, here plays an important role the social media, email, whatsapp, zoom, any mean that allows you to communicate. This method skyrocketed during the pandemic since we were not allow to meet face to face.
  • Offline: Contrary to the previous, this way of doing networking, is all about meeting people face to face, and everything that relates to it, like all the personal meetings with peorple, events, conferences etc.

I would say that Offline is the way to create deeper relationships, because there is the human element of meeting face to face, but it needs better social skills than the Online method. Nevertheless, there is not a better way to start to create a relationship, it can be online or offline.


Well is it obvious that with networking you can increase your income, especially if it is a good networking, there is no limit how much you can increase your income as long as you do good networking with the right people.

But to be more specific what you look for, with networking is :

  • Make your product or service known
  • Create relationship with possible clients, companies, employers etc.
  • Find new possibilities, i.e. partners, investors, clients, employers, employees, suppliers, business ideas.
  • Acquire new knowledge, methods, techniques, skills

Well having all that in mind, I think it can give you an idea of how important is networking, and more important a good networking.

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