1. The participants can be from the following regions or countries: Australia, Canada, Europe (European Union), Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, (some exception might apply)
  2. We hope that participants are at least 18 years old or more, Express Chroma hopes that participants are aware of it and give true information about if this is requested.
  3. No One will contact you on behalf of Express Chroma and will ask you for money for any reason, participating is free as long the requirements are met and the giveaway is free including the award
  4. The final date to participate is April 25, 2022 after that date the winner will be contacted
  5. To be a winner you have to at least share an Express Chroma post on Instagram or Facebook
  6. To be a winner, Express Chroma has to be tagged on the shared post.
  7. There are three prizes which will be given to three different winners, an Xbox Series X, Xbox series X/S controller and a Xbox series X/S Videogame.
  8. Express Chroma is not a videogames company (retail or wholesale) therefore will comply with the giveaway, using third parties.
  9. The winner of a videogame can choose any game that is for Xbox Series X/S, but not older generations e.g. games of Xbox one.
  10. Express Chroma is not responsible for a wrong information that might result in sending prizes to a different address than that of the winner
  11. The time of delivery will depend on the country or Region, additionally, to that, the winner might have to pay import taxes if that is the case we will try to give all the necessary data to get your item. In any case, time delivery and import taxes are not Express Chroma responsibility.
  12. Express Chroma will try the best to deliver the prize to the winner, but if there exist any difficulty Express Chroma will try to give some compensation option to the winner.
  13. In case the winner does not accept any of the options Express Chroma offers,  then Express Chroma has the freedom and will select another winner, will do this process until finding a winner.
  14. The Winner will have to post on his social media a thank you to Express Chroma and tag us.